Next-Generation Smarter Cities and new industries through Greener Technologies Innovation from following aspects

Smarter Society

Development of information and communication technology has fundamentally changed not only human being’s daily lifestyles, but also communication among people and social systems. It is increasingly important that we make the best use of information and communication technologies to make our lives more comfortable, as well as to create a safer and securer society. The focuses shall be on advanced verification smart city projects, aiming at construction of sustainable and smart social system for the generations to come


Urban Transformations

Various programs to develop smart cities are being carried out throughout the world, intending to solve a wide variety of challenges facing urban areas. Urban transformation is underway at the very rapid paces. The focuses on urban development and its issue related to common problems such as energy, health, medicine, aging populations, food, disaster preparedness, which many regions are facing today


Sustainable Mobility’s

Realization of comfortable mobility is one of the important factors for the formation of smarter cities. Amid the increasing world's population, coupled with concentration of urban populations, conventional road networks that have reached their physical limits have become the serious problem along with the challenge of CO2 emissions. The focuses on new technological development of next generation automobiles and development of road transportation systems, as well as transformation of transport systems from automobile-centric communities to communities centred on pedestrians, bicycles, and greener public transportation are inevitable


Greener Economic Developments

The world is facing serious environmental problems caused by mass consumption of energy and natural resources as the results of economic growth over the centuries. In order to overcome those challenges, mankind must continuously make efforts to change the way human being lives and works in our daily lives and economic activities as well as make every effort to develop sustainable smarter cities. The focuses are needed on the development of cutting-edge technology and systems and international standardization in green-growth sectors such as smart houses, smart buildings, and renewable energy resources