The 9th Annual Roaming World Congress 2015 gathered together senior regulator and operator representatives for two days of debate and knowledge sharing within the increasingly contentious and rapidly changing sectors. The Senior regulator and operator representatives including the European Commission, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Ofcom and BIPT discussing the best approaches towards regulatory changes. Understanding how to maximise profit from increasing customer data usage by gaining the latest drivers for growth, user habits & customer expectations and deploying effective marketing campaigns to wake up silent roamers. In-depth roundtable discussions focusing on future visions of roaming, evaluating methods of increasing customer data usage, working with MVNOs and LTE becoming the differentiator. Discussion on the development of VoLTE including the impact it will have on customer experience and the best strategy to adopt it.

On behalf of and representing PCCW Global, WWHC attended RWC2015 with intend to explore solutions that would address international roaming challenges, especially in the area of VoLTE interconnect and roaming front